If the start of your story with us is your wedding, then you want a beautiful and natural account of your wedding day as these are the stories that you will tell and re-tell together for the rest of your days.  Artis Studios will document your day with style and sincerity – with intuition, humour and spontaneity.  Achieving truth and timelessness for future generations to enjoy.

Kat has been a wedding photographer for over a decade capturing countless weddings resulting with happy customers who return to us time and time again.  Her creativity, photographic and organisational skills reassures people that they can trust her to capture their most important story.  Her humour and personality make her instantly likeable but more so make her someone you want to spend your special day with.


The story never stops.  When you look back, what do you want to remember? Perhaps it’s the delicate nature of your child’s expression, your teenager’s insatiable laugh lines or your toddlers unruly hairdos or even the life-changing companionship of your family’s best friend. Whatever the story, we will capture it and bring it to life – making last an incredibly special chapter of an ever-changing memoir.

Our award-winning portrait photographer Hannah has over 10 years of experience to draw from in dealing with sulky teenagers, tantruming toddlers and camera shy adults. Her ability to bring out the best in people and to be themselves is what makes her work so powerful.

Choose our modern studio or any local location that’s important to you as the setting for your story. We can offer advise on what to wear and make suggestions to make your shoot as unique as you are. 


Watch your story unfolds into a whole new chapter. Documenting your little one from babyhood to toddlerhood is a highly valuable investment in your family’s story, as it further unfolds.

Our incredibly popular Artis Baby Club is three shoots over your baby’s first year, starting from 3-4 months old up until they are taking their first steps. To begin documenting your memories even earlier, we offer a newborn shoot which is held within ten days of your baby’s birth. Though remarkable, the newborn stage is incredibly brief – your baby will begin to change and grow as the days go by so make sure to call us whilst still pregnant to make sure not to miss these moments.

See us at work in some behind the scenes videos on our Instagram page.