A step away from tradition at Riverdale Barn, Yateley

Its always lovely to see a new venue and Riverdale Barn in Yateley has only been a wedding venue for a few years so is pretty new! It was custom built with weddings in mind, so is perfectly laid out to make the day go really smoothly and I can see why Sophie and Patrick picked it.

The details of the day were well thought out and very personal. All the table decorations and bunting were handmade and looked beautiful – they needed to eat lots of pesto flavoured food over the last year to get the right sized jars! There was also not a bridesmaid dress in sight (her sister was in a great suit), no formal dinner (everyone, including me, got a wonderful selection for afternoon tea instead) and the bride and groom did a joint speech instead of leaving the groom all by himself!

Here are a few of our favourite photos from the day. 



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