The hilarious bouquet toss at The Royal Berkshire

Getting the bouquet toss right indoors is a fine art – it can’t go too high to smash into the ceiling, just the right distance to land somewhere in your crowd of friends all ready to fight to the death to be the one to get it! At my wedding a few weeks ago, I’m not sure whether it was Cheryl’s throwing skills, her friends catching or a combination of both that meant that even after three attempts, the bouquet still hadn’t been caught! I’m not sure if it was on the 4th throw that it was caught, or the crowd gave up and scrambled to the floor but someone ended up with the bouquet in the end!

Although Cheryl might not be a perfect bouquet thrower, she was amazing at having the most fun throughout her whole wedding day. I don’t think there was a single moment that I saw her that she wasn’t completely in the emotion of the day which was so wonderful to see and made for some beautiful photos. Along with her groom, Chris, and all their friends and family, everyone seemed to have a great day. Here are some of my favourite photos and a few from that classic bouquet toss!

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